What does the future hold for fantasy sports in India?

With cricket with a substantial chunk of fame among all of the sport in India, it wasn’t a surprise it could be the very first portal-based online game for fantasy sports in India. Long prior to Dream 11 made its way into the Indian marketplace, there was a portal site that became the torch bearer of fantasy sports in India.


ESPN Super Selector, which started in 2001, on tv produced a mark on its own with a massive fan base. Co-created from Joy Bhattacharya and ESPN, the dream league involved with choosing a group of 11 cricket players in a restricted budget. Points were given to contestants according to chosen players’ on-field performances.

EPL has a diverse representation of players from all over the world. The league has evolved over the years to today, it has dedicated shows on FPL tips and suggestions by FPL experts and a show dedicated for the fans named ‘EPL Fanzone’ being broadcast on TV. This help to gradually increase fan involvement in the game and their exposure to the brands associated with EPL and FPL.

The Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), India’s first and only self-regulatory industry body for the sports gaming sector, and KPMG India Private Limited (KPMG) released a report on the ‘The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India’ at its second flagship event, GamePlan 2019, on March 4.


The report, which provided an overview of the online gaming industry with a focus on fantasy sports and e-sports, observed that as many as 69 per cent respondents said there are no overlaps between fantasy sports and sports betting and among these.

According to the report, the industry is already worth INR 43.8 billion and is said to reach INR 118.8 billion by FY23 with a growth rate of CAGR 22.1%.

The report added fantasy sports is different from betting and can potentially aid in slowing down illegal betting in the long run. Fairness, legality and safe and secure nature of transactions are aspects that draw users to play these fantasy sports platforms.


Other key highlights in the report include:

> 74 per cent users play fantasy sports one to three times a week, with the majority playing once a week. Twenty per cent of respondents reported playing more than five times a week.

> Fun and excitement came out as primary motivators for 72 per cent playing fantasy sports across all age and income groups. For around 81 per cent respondents, the’capability to manage teams almost’,’stay connected with the game’ and’utilisation of athletics understanding’ were other important motivators for engagement.

> Further, 69% of respondents say that there are no overlaps between Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting and amongst these

> The’chance to acquire cash’ was seen as one of the motivators for around 30 per cent of respondents. However, this was only the fifth most important factor for engagement.

> The report pointed out that 54 per cent of users play fantasy sports for free. Forty-six per cent have played paid contests at least once in the last 12 months.


> Another important aspect the study brought to notice is that only 25-30 per cent of the spends on fantasy sports platforms come from the users’ pocket. Approximately 70-75 percent of those spends are re-investments coming from prior winnings, cash bonus or periodical promotional supplies given with these platforms for their own users.

> Most users in the very best seven-eight cities of this country have been discovered to be playing less often than several smaller cities in the nation. Nearly 85 percent of those respondents from leading cities play sports 1-3 times per week as compared to almost 70 percent of respondents in smaller cities who represent over four times weekly on these platforms.

> Among the most favored sports in online gambling, cricket won the competition with 71 percent, followed by 54 percent playing soccer. The non-cricket sports leagues in India will also be witnessing increasing grip, the report included.

There Are Lots of factors responsible for the growth of fantasy sports in India, one of the most prominent ones are:


Amplified digital surroundings

India has generated exponential increase concerning its electronic infrastructure. Increasing affordability of smart phones, growth of the online user base and plummeting data cost are leading in these expansion. The report says, the net subscribers increased by 368 million in September 2016 to 560 million in September 2018 from India, which has helped dream sports to flourish in the electronic gaming area.


More investors

The popularity of fantasy sports gambling grew drastically through recent years. Among the chief factors behind it’s that the programs also supply articles in regional languages that have finally improved the participation. Thus E-sports leaders in Tencent to Nazara will also be investing in fantasy sports gambling.

The development of sports leagues

The huge audience base in India has a different taste for the sports gambling, and various sports leagues are launched in the recent years, such as individuals for kabaddi, soccer, softball and wrestling.


Clarity on legality

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has dubbed Dream11’s format as’a game of skill’ rather than as a’game of luck’. In accordance with the judgment of this Court in the event of Mr Varun Gumber vs the Union territory of Chandigarh and many others in 2017′ the element of skill’ is that the overriding influence on the results of the Dream11 arrangement of fantasy sports match. A charm against the Punjab and Haryana High Court’s decision was filed in Supreme Court that was later dismissed by the apex court. The clarification about the legal status of the dream sports format aids in boosting the total fantasy sports marketplace. A substantial number of programs has entered the marketplace with comparable setups and also resulting in widespread user adaptation.

With the rising intake of sport and the amounts associated with it, fans are deeper deeper to figures, more with the aim of demonstrating fantasy leagues assist to hone their abilities rather than only a game of chance. Having a huge potential yet to be unravelled, it could be safely stated Fantasy Sports is going to be of fantastic importance in equipping the next generation lovers of Indian sports.